The Promise


Our root beer is the real deal. We do not believe in that plastic-bottled grocery store mix of food coloring, flavored syrup, and bubbles. We get our sweet goodness from select microbreweries that know how to craft unique root beers of the highest quality - real ingredients, real complex taste, real beauty. We take great pride in our dominant root brewskis. When it comes to root beer, you know you can trust us - we drink a lot more of it than you ever could!

Our commitment is to do more than just provide the most delicious root beer you can get anywhere. It's more than just helping you put on creative and fun events. We make it our business to make a positive impact on our culture by reducing alcohol abuse, preventing drunk driving, and providing an alternative to counteract underage drinking. We believe that our products can reduce peer pressure to drink - our kegs influence social situations. Unfortunately, the misuse of alcohol can result in death, injury, physical and sexual assaults, and other BAD things. We are working to make a safer way to party.

Our network makes it easy to locate and order root beer kegs. No more endless web searches. We partner with local businesses to streamline the keg ordering process. No more getting laughed at by liquor stores who haven't heard of root beer kegs. Root beer keg searching should not be like wild goose searching, so we've put it all together in one easy place! You can pickup your keg locally, or have it delivered right to your front door in some places. One day we hope to cover every major city in the US. Maybe even the world. And just maybe, we'll be the first ones to successfully launch a keg into outerspace.